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I made all the "Butterfly Gifs" because

I thought the web needed more of a variety of "Butterflies"

and besides I had fun making them

You are more than welcome to freely use any of my gifs

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Sets By Andy
Webpage Sets for web pages

Valentine Sets for web pages

St Patricks
St Patricks Sets for web pages

Easter Sets for web pages

Halloween Sets & Full Backgrounds for web pages

Thanksgiving Sets for web pages

Christmas Sets for web pages

Baby Sets
Baby Sets for web pages

Tiled Backgrounds

Diamond Backgrounds

Plaid Backgrounds

Stripe Backgrounds

Vertical Backgrounds

Butterfly Backgrounds

Full Backgrounds 1

Full Backgrounds 2

Floral Backgrounds

Floral Tiled Backgrounds

Textured Backgrounds

Blue Backgrounds

Green Backgrounds

Brown Backgrounds

Pink Backgrounds

Purple Backgrounds

Grey Backgrounds

Red Backgrounds

Butterfly Gifs

Blue Butterfly Gifs

Green Butterfly Gifs

Pink Butterfly Gifs

Brown Butterfly Gifs

Purple Butterfly Gifs

Bluebirds Garden

Garden sites, HTML help, Greeting Cards,
Webpage Building help, Web Tv help

Wonderful Butterflies

Everything you want to know about Butterflies

Bluebirds Christmas Land

Our Christmas page

Christmas Links

Links to everything Christmas related

My Awards

My Gifts

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~Tracey's Butterflies~
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~After A While~
{ Casey has great Links,
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~Sandy's Websites~
{ Beautiful Family Pics & Great Links }

~Marcy's Gif Bonanza~
{ Visit her great collection }

~Jene's World~
{ Poetry & 3D Pictures }

~Debra Sue~
{ Beautiful Poetry }

~Blue Mist~
{ Beautiful Poetry, Stories, F Keys }

~Molly's Cloverdale Yorkies~
{Molly's little "Pride & Joy's }

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