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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shelia's Mini Quilt

Shelia (my DIL)  finished quilting her little quilt today.   She did a really nice job of quilting.   I had Shelia use a stencil for the centers so she would have a guide line for her feathers.   I had her practice feathers on paper for a couple of weeks to get it programed in  her memory.   The outer border she used a scallop ruler to mark her shapes to repeat the cc in the nine patch and then freehand the feathers.   NICE JOB!!!
This was some of the scraps  I gave her to play around with.  

I told her that she should give it to me for a Christmas gift to go with my big quilt that has been hanging for over a year that needs to be quilted.    She started on the LA  five months ago......   I think drawing out your designs on paper PPPPPP   really helps when you quilt on the LA. 

Back toTulips

This is where I left off.....   Oh look,  I see my initial 

This baby is staying on the LA until it is complete this week or next.   I promised myself that I would not take another quilt until this was finished.   Now I need for find my drawings ....... hmmmmmm!    I don't remember where I put them.   I guess I will clean house first this morning....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Surprise Package

I received this little package in the mail today.    It was a surprise package from Joyce in Missouri and what a surprise.   Battenburg napkins to go with my antique dishes,  napkins with a blue edge to go with my Royal Stafffordshire.   I have plans for each item.    Thank you so much  Joyce!!

                                                             They are soooo Beautiful.....

This was my EBay buy which I was disappointed..... It was made in China not England.   They stated it was a cookie jar,  I don't  think so.  It is small .... Guess I  will use it for tea storage.   At least it goes with my Hobby Lobby

New Quilter in the Family

My DIL started piecing last June after I gave her all my scraps.   I can not believe what she has made from the scraps.   A fast learner!!   I have another  quilt parnter to travel to the quilt shows and shops with me.
This a mini quilt that she made this week and is quilting it.   She has picked up the quilting quite fast.
This is her show and tell......
the top two photos are with out the flash   

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Molly McButter

And this is Molly McButter.... she loves to do sew ins and listen to music.   She is the most affection it kitty.   This is another rescue of mine  when she was a baby.    These cats are bred for show and only the perfect are kept.   When I saw her we bonded right away,  6 weeks old.....    the poor little thing has a crooked nose and a deformed mouth.   Will she is my show piece now.   Molly is eight years old..... they said she would never make it.  Yaw!!!

Love can do anything......  

She love soft  piano music

Molly's waiting for mama to sew......

See her little deformed nose.   Sometimes she has a hard time breathing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finished Quilting

                                     Finished  the quilting .... now for the binding, sleeve, and label.

                                                     Now for a name......hummmmmmm!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Work in Progress

I'm hoping I can get this finished up today.....     This is what I have quilted so far.